Join a Community of Eager Buyers and Sell Your Vintage Clothing & Accessories at Premium Prices (Without Paying Commission Fees!!)

Sound Awesome?! It's Time for You to Become a Registered Seller in VINTAGE BOSS BABES

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What Does Joining VINTAGE BOSS BABES as a Registered Seller Give Me?

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1. UNLIMITED Selling / Posting of Items for Sale

Vintage Boss Babes is an UNLIMITED posting community. This means you can post items for sale as many times as you wish per day. There are no limits.

You cannot post multiple items for sale in one post unless those items are being sold for one price, known as a “lot” sale.

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2. Book LIVE Sales

As soon as you register using the payment checkout below, you will receive an email with a link the 75-minute Center Stage LIVE Sale calendar (9-10:15pm EST) as well as a 30 minute flash LUNCHTIME LIVE (12:30-1pm EST).

You will also be able to book special event live sale series. These calendars are released in the official registered seller Facebook group.

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3. Share LIVE Sale "What's Left" Videos and Photos

Didn't sell everything during your LIVE sale? No problem! We allow you to post a "What's Left" video or images of the items that did not sell during your live sale directly to the group within one week after your LIVE sale.

Posting your "what's left" leads to even MORE comission-free sales!

Join VINTAGE BOSS BABES and Start Having ...

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More Money Back in Your Pocket: There Are NO Commission Fees!

Wouldn't it be nice to actually get the money your item is valued for ... in your bank account? Say bye bye to high commission fees (up to 20 percent on some platforms) and hello to more of your resale money back right where it belongs: YOUR pocket, and not someone else's.

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Customers Who Want Your Vintage Clothing Goods

Selling alongside fast fashion brands on other platforms means you aren't always reaching your target audience. Plus, that audience is oftentimes confused and price sensitiive when your jumpsuits costs more than the other fast-fashion, cheaply made one listed right beside it by another seller. Finally sell to an audience who wants what you have, respects it, and pays properly for it.

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A LIVE Sale Room Full of Customers

Hosting LIVE sales is one of the fastest ways to generate an income and reach a target audience eager to see what you have for sale. LIVE sales give you the same selling leverage as if you were at a vintage convention - without the hassle of ever having to leave your home.


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Paying Commissions

10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent .. plus paying to have your item promoted? NO THANK YOU! Never again will you have to calculate your "take home." You'll know that the amount you sold the item for is exactly the amount that gets deposited to your PayPal account. Cha-ching.

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Spending Hours Photographing & Listing Items

How would it feel to have the freedom of never again having to worry about the perfect description, title, tags, lighting, model, crop, etc. etc. on a listing? Stop spending hours on your listings, and welcome to having HOURS of time and brain space back!

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Guessing What the Customer Wants to ACTUALLY Buy

Other platforms make it very difficult to see "what's sold." Plus, it's so difficult to message customers and ask "what do you want?" You'll never again have to guess because VINTAGE BOSS BABES puts you "in the know" of what the marketplace wants to buy.

BONUS: You'll Receive a Vintage Starter Pack of Educational Materials for FREE

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Everything You Get

(for FREE) to Succeed:

✔️ Shipping for Resellers ($47 value)

✔️ Promoting Your Live Sale Checklist ($27 value)

✔️ How to Succeed as a Live Seller in VINTAGE BOSS BABES ($47 value)

✔️ Dating Vintage Clothing ($47 value)

✔️ Marketing Your Vintage Clothing to Facebook Groups ($47 value)

✔️ Top Performing LIVE Sellers Replay Guide (Learn from the Best!) ($27 value)

= $266 value

Imagine These Are Your Results $$$

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Imagine You Can Finally Experience This as a Vintage Clothing & Accessories Reseller!

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Attracting Your Ideal Customer

Imagine finding a virtual room full of people who are avid vintage clothing & accessories shoppers, eager and hungry to see what treasures you have. Experience what it feels like to finally be "with your tribe." Your ideal customers are waiting for you in VINTAGE BOSS BABES.

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Getting Top Dollar for Your Vintage Clothing & Accessories Garments

No more debating "offers" on platforms and at the markets. You'll never ever again doubt your prices. You'll have immediate feedback from a supportive customer base who appreciate what it is that you have - and when they truly want your item, they want to pay your prices!

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Always Knowing What Items to Source and What Price to Sell It For

You can let go of the confusion and uncertainty in sourcing. Finally, a platform where you connect with the marketplace and ask them "What are you looking for?" Their feedback gives you direction and you go soure it, sell it, rinse and repeat it.

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Building Personal Relationships with Customers Who Confidently Buy from You Again and Again and Again

Breathe a sigh of relief, because you can stop searching for new customers and start building relationships with repeat customers who come back to buy from you over and over again.

Your lifetime value per customer will increase and with it, an easier, more harmonious resale business will blossom before your eyes.

Sell Vintage Clothing & Accessories on LIVE Sales to Customers Who Want What You Have

(Without Commission Fees!)

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Join As a Registered Seller and Start Selling Today

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✔️ Get in front of 4,000 people daily

✔️ Host a live sale and reach people like you're at a virtual vintage clothing convention

✔️ Post as many items for sale in the group as you want

✔️ Form relationships with repeat customers

✔️ Know what to source and what will sell quickly

✔️ Put more money back in your pocket (NO commissions)


1. How long does my subscription to VINTAGE BOSS BABES last?

Your subscription lasts for 30 days from the time you sign up. It is not a "month to month" subscription unless you literally sign up on the first day of the month. You are automatically charged every 30 days.

2. How can I cancel my subscription to VINTAGE BOSS BABES?

Please email admin Sammy Davis [email protected] OR find the self-cancellation link at the bottom of your last email receipt.

3. I've changed my credit card. How can I change it for VINTAGE BOSS BABES charges?

No problem!! Just email Sammy at [email protected] and let her know. She can cancel your old card and send you a link to input your new card.

4. Can I end my subscription to VINTAGE BOSS BABES right after I'm charged?

All charges are non-refundable, but you can elect to cancel for the following month. Just email Sammy at [email protected]

5. Can I end my subscription to VINTAGE BOSS BABES and choose to join again later?

Absolutely!! There are no hard feelings behind canceling. Please stay in the group and participate as a buyer until you are ready to sell again.

6. Can I still access the VINTAGE SELLER STARTER PACK after I've canceled my membership?

Yes. You will have lifetime access and can log in to your VINTAGE SELLER STARTER KIT using the email and password you created at the time of your registration.

7. I'm a dude. Is this for me?

Absolutely. While my branding is targeted to women, all genders and gender associations are welcome in VINTAGE BOSS BABES.

8. I'm not a reseller yet. Is this for me?

This opportunity is designed to help NEW resellers succeed. Your VINTAGE STARTER PACK has all the information you need to get started as a reseller in the community.

9. I don't sell vintage. Is this for me?

While sellers in VINTAGE BOSS BABES do sell some current styles, the community is for vintage clothing & accessories (20 years or older). It is preferred that you sell 80 percent vintage while participating in the group.

10. I have another question not listed here. How do I get an answer?

Please email founder Sammy Davis at [email protected]

How Can I Register to Host a LIVE Sale?

Immediately after registering below, you'll receive a link to register for a 75-minute Center Stage live sale and a 30 minute LUNCHTIME live.

What is a "Lunchtime Live" Sale?

Lunchtime LIVE sales are discounted 30 minute FLASH sales for NEW sellers only. They are hosted on weekdays from 12:30pm - 1pm EST.

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Join VINTAGE BOSS BABES as a Registered Seller for Just $25 a Month.

After registering and processing your payment, you will receive an automatic email with the following information:

1.) A link to the VINTAGE BOSS BABES buy/sell community on Facebook

2.) Rules to VINTAGE BOSS BABES community

3.) A link to the currently open LIVE sale calendar for 75 minute sales

4.) A link to the currently open Lunchtime LIVE sale calendar for 30 minute flash sales (12:30pm - 1pm EST on weekdays only)

5.) Password and log-in to access your VINTAGE SELLER STARTER KIT (Lifetime Access)

Register Below and Start Selling Immediately!

*Your card is charged $25 every 30 days. If you purchase today, it will be charged again 30 days from today unless you cancel by contacting Sammy Davis at [email protected] or canceling from your receipt.

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